1. Above Water Image              
2. Underwater Wide-angle or Normal Perspective Image                                 
3. Underwater Close-up or Macro Perspective Image
4. Underwater Diver Portrait Image
5. Most Unique Image

Contest period: November 3, 2017 through November 1, 2018

Contest entries must be received by the Photography Committee no later than 14 days before the 2018 November General Meeting (Scheduled for Nov. 15, 2018).


Wide-angle and Normal Perspective Images are images taken at a nominal distance of about two feet or greater.

Close-up or Macro Perspective Images are images taken at a nominal distance of less than two or three feet

A Diver Portrait Image is an image that contains a diver as part of the subject. The diver can be part of the background, the main focus of the image or provide prospective to the image subject. A diver silhouette in the background is considered a diver portrait image.


  1. Contestants can submit up to four images per category per contest. Images for each category may be prints, slides or digital.

  2. Contestants shall not enter the same image simultaneously in more than one category.

  3. Above water entries to the Above Water and Most Unique categories must be club related (any club sponsored function) or dive related (any dive trip). Underwater entries for Most Unique and all Underwater categories may be taken on any dive trip.

  4. Individuals entering the contest must have taken the entries.

  5. Each category must have a minimum of two contestants for that category. If not the contest for that category shall be canceled.

  6. A first place prize will be awarded for each category with a minimum of two contestants. A first and second place prize will be awarded for each category with a minimum of three contestants. All three prizes will be awarded for each category with four or more contestants.

  7. No contestant shall be awarded more that one award per category.

  8. A Most Unique Image entry may be taken under water or above water. The Most Unique Image will be awarded a first place prize.

  9. A “Best of Show” prize will be awarded to the underwater image the judge deems to be the best underwater image submitted in the contest. The Best of Show winner will receive the first place prize for the category.    

  10. Underwater photos must have been taken underwater and in open water; no pool, aquarium, or zoo photos.

  11. No panoramic images will be allowed.

  12. Images may be enhanced through sharpening the focus, color balance, cropping and adjusting the brightness. Other enhancements of images such as cloning (moving picture elements from their original location and/or adding/deleting picture elements), or cleaning (de-speckling) are not allowed.

  13. All entries must be submitted with a completed entry form.

  14. All contestants shall be Barracuda Club members in good standing.

  15. A number designation system shall be used by the Photography Committee to identify photos so as not to reveal the contestant to the contest judge.

  16. Entries shall be digital files on a CD.  Tthe image “file name” shall be recorded on the entry form.